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Have a plan to go to Bali? But you need a cheap but instagramable place to stay? Here is my full review about one hostel in Bali called Cara Cara Inn.

Cara Cara Inn is located in the heart of Kuta Bali. Only 450m from Kuta Beach. And not so far away from the Airport. Now lets get started to the review and photos!



So I feel like I need to tell you this before we get started. I was arrived the night before Nyepi Day. Trust me you don't wanna arrive the night before Nyepi Day because it can be disaster as they already closed all ATMs! All card machine! So at that time no cash for me! Lucky someone helped me out that day! So make sure you have Rupiah Cash when you arrived before Nyepi Day if you plan to spend your Nyepi Day in Bali!

Before we get to see our room we have to check in first. There are some staffs that are ready to help us. I'm sorry to say this but the service of the receptionist wasn't that great that night! They are less friendly than any other Cara Cara Inn staffs! But I guess maybe its because they are so busy with their job as so many guests tried to check in, and also reserve food from the receptionist so its a lil bit chaos. I hope they add more staff at the receptionist place to help them out.

Near Receptionst place there are two elevators that have a cute and unique design! If you do like take a pictures, you can also take a pictures in front of the elevators!

Next, in front of receptionist place there are some cozy couches for us to sit and have a chat with other guests, not far from there there is a kitchen and dining table for us to have breeky, lunch and dinner!

Still at the ground floor you will also find some washing machines for you to use and also iron if you need to iron your clothes! Everything is self service. But feel free to ask the staff if you have a hard time to use them. You can see from the pictures, everything seems so Instagramable right?!

1st Floor

When you go to the 1st floor, you will see toilet for public there. The toilet is quiet nice and clean! I think there is also a shower at the public toilet here.

Now let's take a look at my 1st room! For the 1st few days I decided to stay at the Cabin Room! This kind of room is for 6 people! But when you go inside the room is quite spacious.

That's the door, and you can see two beds there.

The other side you will also find another 4 bed! Good news is this room not only spacious but also have 2 shower room and 1 toilet! 

that's my roomate :)

that's my bed

Not only that at the back of the room, still connected with the room of course there is this cute swing chair that is also instagramable! There are also 2 big windows there but they closed it when I was there due to the Nyepi Day.

Feeling so comfortable working on my bed :)

Now let's move on to the other room called The Sleeper. This room is 4 people. Even tho only 4 people the size of the room is really small! I must say the Cabin Room for 6 people is way more comfortable than this room.

This room only have one shower and one toilet and they are connected unlike the cabin room! There is not much space to walk and feel really small.


2nd Floor

Here you will find a pool! Yes, a pool! They also very instagramable!

You can read a book here, or play guitar and sing a song together with your friends! I do really like this spot even tho I can't swim :D

3rd Floor

In this floor you will find a BBQ spot if you want to have BBQ with your friends. Just ask the staff if you want to have BBQ night here! You will also find some games to play with your friends here

The last one, I almost forgot this part! You can find the stairs near the washing machine that connect it to the mini bar!

They do have this Caravan Mini Bar that is also very cute and instagramable!


There are so many different kind of rooms in Cara Cara Inn. If you don't like sleeping with so many people you can just choose The Teepee. Or if you have a plan to travel with your partner but dont want to be in same room with the others you also can choose Suite Double Room.

So many options to choose! But I'm just gonna let you guys know the price of the room that I stayed in.

The Cabin (6 people) female only : Rp. 198.000 (this one is more expensive maybe because its the day before Nyepi Day. And during Nyepi Day the price has increased to Rp. 220.000,-)

The Sleeper (4 people) female only : Rp. 165.000,-

And yes they do have option if you want to stay only with female or mix. But I choose the female only one since I think its more comfortable for me.


So far I like staying in this hotel, for normal price its quite cheap under Rp. 200.000,- and you already get breakfast! For the one that don't like staying with strangers also can choose the room for 1 person! So many options to choose so don't you worry! I will def be back here again, maybe to try and explore another room!

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